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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 4, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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some predicted optimism in today's unemployment report. analysts predict employers made 163,000 new hours a last month, but the april unemployment rate itself may remain unchanged at about 8.2%. last week, though, there was a sharp drop in the number of unemployment claims down 27,000
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from the previous week. it was the biggest one-week drop in nearly a year. and facebook founder mark zucker berg could be another nearly $19 billion when his company goes public. jealous yet? facebook shares could be sold for up to $35 each after the initial stock offering, the company could be worth just under $100 billion, making it the biggest ipo since google four years ago. it could raise nearly $14 billion. two british men are starting to see the light again many years after going blind. they're among the first patients to get vision restoring microchip implants that are considered revolutionary. more from the bbc's fergus walsh. >> reporter: just six weeks ago, chris james was totally blind. now he can perceive light. this box powers his implant but it's what's under his scalp which is amazing. this x-ray shows the computer processor above his ear linked
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by a cable to the implant behind his retina. the waifer-thin chip is just three centimeters square. now he can perceive light and the outline of shapes. he's one of thousands people with retinitis pigmentosa. the 15-00 pixel retinal chip sends electronic signals direct to the optic nerve and from there to the brain. this surgery is the culmination of years of research here and in germany where the implant is made. up to 12 british patients will have the chip fitted as part of a major trial of this truly innovative technology. >> i think this is an amazing development. here we're talking about a patient who is completely blind, able to see. we're talking about something that is here and now, not what might be achievable in five or ten years but what's happening
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now. >> a second patient, robin miller, showed me how the implant enables him to perceive light and there's been another unusual benefit. >> the biggest upside for me is that i am dreaming in color for the first time for 25 years. intense, bright color. which is an extraordinary thing. >> reporter: retinal implants have been compared to early grainy photography, but with the hope of restoring clear vision for future generations of patients. fergus walsh, bbc news. a sacramento, california, first grader is enjoying hero status after saving her friend's life in their school cafeteria. when a classmate noticed she was choking on a piece of apple, 6- exactly what to do. she only weighs 38 pounds but that didn't stop her from performing the heimlich maneuver. >> just kept yelling, she's
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choking and everybody like -- and they didn't know what to do, but i knew what to do. >> she learned how to do the heimlich from the disney show "ant farm." even her mom was surprised to learn of her daughter's life-saving skills. >> talk about kids watching too much tv, but occasionally they do learn some good lessons. >> and friends forever. >> what a sweet girl. the principal printed up some certificates. they wanted the students to remember the day. >> she's a hero. >> well done, little lady. here's a look at your weather on this friday morning. golf ball sized hail stones and threatening winds from south dakota through the midwest. ohio valley and tennessee. storms could get severe from new york down to d.c. also some showers around atlanta and birmingham. it will be hot in the south. stormy in central texas. rain and mountain snow, meanwhile in the northwest. >> 68 in billings. 94 in phoenix. dallas hits 90. kansas city 88. 70s in detroit and new york.
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80s from new orleans to baltimore. >> that's right. today isn't only friday, may the 4th or cinco de mayo eve as we said at the top of the show. a lot more than that. does this saying, may the fourth be with you mean going to you at all? >> it does. it does. >> the story is for you. >> because if you are a star wars fan, like i am, you know that today is "star wars" day, largely because of the iconic phrase may the force be with you. >> now change force to fourth and there you go. >> maybe it's time to get your friends together and head to the "star wars" bar and, who knows, get yourself ready for cinco de mayo or tomorrow's kentucky derby. or anything. there's princess leah. >> where is -- yeah, where is -- from that era. the thing -- the kentucky derby. i've never been. i really want to go. >> i've never been either. >> next year we'll do the show live from there. the mother in trouble for
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taking a 5-year-old to the tanning salon. you remember this woman. this chicken mcnugget from yesterday. she has some angry words for all you critics. >> and some anger directed at an airline for charging $100 to put a bag in the overhead compartment? >> sunny is heated, aren't you? you're watching "world news now." we'll be back. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by arriva medical. follow the wings.
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♪ who doesn't love that? >> who doesn't love that? but this story has me up in arms. who doesn't like head away on a trip but the airlines are doing all they can to nickel and dime us to death. >> she's heated, folks. the latest example of that is costing a lot more than nickels
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and dimes as steve osunsami now reports. >> reporter: as if the airline fees weren't high enough, here comes spirit airlines with a new way to pick your pocket. starting in november, if you show up at the gate with a carry-on bag that won't fit under your seat, they'll charge you an extra $100 to store it in the overhead bins. >> that's crazy. that's crazy. >> have you thought about driving? >> i did think about driving. >> reporter: the airline's ceo has long blamed the extra bag fees on customers who hog up overhead luggage space. and to give sugar with his bitter pill he once famously explained himself from inside an overhead bin. >> everybody wins. had we not implemented this, there's no telling what people would try to put in an overhead bin. >> it's just getting tougher for families to fly cheaply from small and midsized u.s. cities that lost routes after airlines merged and then shut down regional flights to save cash. memphis, huntsville, alabama and cincinnati are the three most
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expensive airports to fly through. the average ticket price through cincinnati is now $488. which adds up. in march, beth and lee spent more than $2100 just to fly their family between cincinnati and tampa. and there are way fewer routes. over easter, josh hunter wanted to fly from mobile to cincinnati but first had to fly through houston, then cleveland, then columbus before driving to cincinnati. it took him 12 long hours. our experts say families should consider driving to and from an airport in a bigger city that offers direct flights. >> even if you have to drive a bit further, you are going to get a cheaper fare and you are going to experience less of a hassle. >> reporter: so flyers, beware. the headaches, those high prices and high fees aren't leaving us anytime soon. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> this is the facebook question of the day. which airline fee do you think is the most excessive? chime in.
2:47 am we know you have a lot to say about this. and so do you, darling. >> i mean, they make it so difficult at this point to travel. you don't want to travel. i mean, you can't play with your ipad. you can't play with your iphone. serve very rude. you have to pay for the little headphones, $2. pay for a blanket. pay for a pillow. and now you have to pay $100. $100? >> everybody flies free on hostin airlines. >> yes, they do. don't let me become the ceo of an airline. >> you get the full can of soda and -- >> how about that? they don't even feed you anymore. >> we'll be back. give her some water, please. >> announcer: abc's
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we're updating the story we told you about at this time yesterday. the new jersey mother accused of
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taking her young duarte the tanning salon. >> this story. patricia krentcil says she's the victim of a witchhunt and her critics are jealous, fat and ugly. more now from abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: on top of accusations that she took her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her, patricia krentcil often referenced now as tanning mom is gaining national attention for her own increasingly coppertone complexion. >> any mother that makes an accusation about me is not a mother because i am a great mother and i would never do that to my child. >> reporter: on wednesday she entered a plea of not guilty to second-degree child endangerment charges after the school nurse expressed concern about the child's sunburn. then 5-year-old anna told her she'd gone tan with mommy. that prompted the school to call child services. many are now wondering if krentcil might have a problem of
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her own. take a look at her tan skin in this mug shot. by the time she sat down on tuesday night, her skin was an even deeper bronze. >> i'm very tan. and i have been tanning my whole life. >> wow. okay. when you look at this, this is a problem. this is somebody who most likely has a condition called tanorexia where they just don't realize how much color they have. she's at higher risk for skin cancer and it's also -- doesn't send a great message to her child. >> it's very wrong to presume something that didn't happen because it didn't happen. >> reporter: but this new jersey mom maintains her daughter's burn was from the sun, from a day spent gardening, not at a tanning booth. saying she'd never allow her daughter to go inside. >> they wrote the story saying, you know, she -- patricia took her into the tanning booth and they were tanning together. totally false. >> then all of a sudden, like i was a murderer. >> reporter: krencil's lawyer says she doesn't believe she's addicted to tanning.
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>> obviously, she tans. to call her an addict is a real leap. it seems like it's being exaggerated to emphasize, well, look at her. she must have done this. >> reporter: linsey davis. >> the tanning salon owner tells us for 100 bucks a month, a flat fee, okay, she goes there about 20 times a month. that's roughly five days a week and does the maximum time of 12 minutes in the stand-up booth for $100 a month. that's the tanning salon owner talking right there. >> and snooki is weighing in. she says that she's calling krentcil crazy. everyone knows your not supposed to take kids there. that's from snooki. >> calling everyone ugly and jealous. no one wants to look like a stir fried carrot like you do. follow the wings.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> welcome back to casual
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friday. of course, we're getting in the spirit early because tomorrow is -- >> cinco de mayo. >> cinco de mayo. so we have some chips and queso and salsa here. we have some of the finest frozen taco plate. >> they are delicious. they are very good. >> they are pretty good. we should point out this is not just an excuse for americans to go out and drink too much tequila. there's some historical facts about this day we should know about it. >> it's celebrate nationwide in the u.s. and in mexico where the holiday is called el dia de la puelo. the day of the battle of puebla. it's observed as a celebration of mexican heritage and pride and to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the american civil war. >> cinco de mayo is not mexico's independence day, which is a very important holiday. that is september 16th. so it's not their july 4th. but we'll celebrate nonetheless.
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our staff is celebrating. that's right, baby. this is how they do it at the network. and with that, it is time for your friday polka. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- troubled terrorist. the secrets of osama bin laden finally revealed. >> bin laden's private files
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confiscated when he was killed were just opened to the public. it's friday, may 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everybody. it is friday. that always feels good, doesn't it? i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. osama bin laden wrote about his concerns while trying to plot now attacks on the u.s. one method he considered, seth wildfires to burn across the country but there were these threats -- were these threats that serious? >> it's weird all the dry conditions around the country because of that mild winter and, you know, we've seen so many fires already. not terrorism related. so that's a -- you can imagine -- >> it's an odd strategy, though. >> an odd one. not the usual bombings. but anything to distract the country is what they are going through. also this morning, courtroom drama continuing in the john edwards case. we are get something new inside
3:01 am
information about his affair with rielle hunter. the big question is when will hunter or edwards himself take the stand. we made a bet earlier this week or last week. you say he will. >> i think he will. >> i say won't. the winner gets a happy meal or something. isn't that the bet? >> that is the bet. >> later this half hour, spying on your spouse. building divorce cases by hiding microphones and cameras to dig up the dirt on a soon-to-be ex-wife or husband. >> you, i know, from past conversations have very strong opinions on this kind of -- >> cheaters. >> infidelity, cheating. so you probably condone that. >> it depends which state you're in. you don't want to do anything illegal. >> right. >> but morally -- >> if you are in a state that allows it, you don't -- you are okay. >> i'm okay. >> i thought so. >> if it's not illegal, i'm okay. >> said the lawyer. well done. new detail from inside the world of osama bin laden.
3:02 am
his personal letters show the terror leader was very worried about al qaeda's bad image among muslims. >> they also show bin laden maintained a deadly focus on americans. abc's karen travers has the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. the government released these documents to show the state of al qaeda and remind americans of the continued threat. but it also reminds americans about the obama administration's greatest national security accomplishment. newly released documents recovered from osama bin laden's pakistan compound show a frustrated terror leader. one who was worried about the future of al qaeda. an analysis of these newly classified letters show bin laden was angry at his seem league inability to control the group's regional affiliates. especially the ones whose attacks often claimed the lives of muslims. >> i'm reminded of the final days of adolf hitter in the bunker in berlin when he was giving orders for dwigsss and armies to be moved around and those divisions and armies didn't exist. >> reporter: the white house
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said these documents provide a window into the state of al qaeda. >> that organization was under a great deal of stress. had been diminished. but remained a threat. and remains a threat. >> reporter: the bin laden document release comes as a new threat emerges from al qaeda. fire bombs that could torch large swaths of the american west. inspire al qaeda's online magazine notes the significant damage caused by forest fires that swept across california and montana. the magazine describes in great detail how to build a so-called ember bomb and how to analyze weather maps and forest for dangerously dry conditions. >> they've moved on to what i would call death by a thousand cuts. territory sounds far fetched, but fire experts say this plot could inflict serious damage. >> arson is the crime against people and property. and if people have that intent, it's very frightening. >> reporter: the bin laden documents also reveal that al qaeda wanted to assassinate president obama but not vice president biden who they viewed
3:04 am
as totally unprepared for the presidency. rob and sunny? >> thanks, karen. death by a thousand cuts. could you think al qaeda and terrorism you think planes going down or suicide bombers. not wildfires, which quite honestly this country is fairly used to. >> we're used to that especially in california. but death by a thousand cuts. that's interesting. that makes a lot more sense. >> really the documents reveal he was toward his, you know, final days or months. he was worried he was losing control of al qaeda. couldn't rein it in. he gave birth to this jihadist movement but then in the final days lost control of -- was worried about how his affiliates, how effective they would be in carrying out these plots. >> very interesting. very insightful. sbonge >> into the mind-set. now a major development involving chinese human rights activist caught in the middle of a diplomatic crisis. the chinese foreign ministry says chen guangcheng can apply
3:05 am
for government permission to study abroad. he requested a meet with secretary of state hillary clinton. chen fears for his family's safety. >> the interrogator told her that if her husband did not walk out of the u.s. embassy, they will kill her. >> later, a friend released a statement saying that chen only wants to come to the u.s. for a rest. then he'll return to china. >> weird twists and turns in that case. an interior designer who secretly helped to funnel money to the john edwards campaign is expected back on the stand today in edwards' criminal trial. yesterday the focus was entirely on edwards' mistress rielle hunter. here's bob woodruff. >> reporter: john edwards arrived at the court with his daughter cate once again by his side. she was composed as her father's former aides described the bizarre interactions with his ex-girlfriend rielle hunter. the campaign's one-time videographer.
3:06 am
>> i'm so glad you like it. >> reporter: on the stand, john davis, edwards' right-hand man by his side on the campaign trail. davis testified that in february of 2007, more than a month after rielle hunter was no longer employed as a videographer, he saw her in a hotel elevator. i would have preferred not have seen her, davis says. i was concerned why she was there. i was suspicious they had maintained a relationship. some time later, hunter knocked on his hotel room door. she told me she and john edwards were very much in love, davis testified. the next day edwards denied they were having an affair to davis. he told me she was crazy and we needed to make sure she didn't contact him, said davis. >> the power of the love does override all the issues that come up and all the judgments. this is wrong. what you are doing is wrong. >> the power of the love did that? >> yes. >> reporter: the prosecution is trying to establish that edwards used money from top benefactors to cover up the affair and save his campaign.
3:07 am
edwards insist he's was only trying to protect his family. davis also testified about a plane ride he took with edwards and benefactor fred barron when the subject of the national enquirer article came up, barron told the two not to worry. he said the press isn't going to find miss hunter because of the way i am moving her around, davis testified. >> i think the plane ride was very hurtful to john edwards today. he is sitting 18 inches from barron an alleged co-conspirator. barron spells out the conspiracy in a nutshell. >> we don't know yet if john edwards will testify in this trial or not but we do know that rielle hunter will. she's on both witness lists. both the prosecution and the defense. however, we don't know exactly when this will happen. i'm bob woodruff, abc news, greensboro, north carolina. >> i'm so engaged by it. in terms of whether john edward will testify. i think it depends on how well the prosecution does.
3:08 am
i think they are doing quite well, especially in a case like this one. i didn't think they'd be able to prove it because it's sort of a really novel theory of campaign contribution fraud. >> i think most people just have a hard time believing that john edwards, all this money is going back and forth and her hotels, her private jets and he knew absolutely nothing. he was totally oblivious to it all? most people find that very hard to believe. >> but the question is really not really whether he knew but was he doing it to save his marriage and protect elizabether to save his campaign. >> most people running for president have a strong enough ambition they'll do anything to save the campaign. >> i bet the prosecution hopes there are more people like you. just days after junior seau committed suicide, the nfl has been hit with a major lawsuit. it was filed by more than 100 players who say the league failed to properly protect them from concussions and brain injuries. that's a claim already made by more than 1,500 other players.
3:09 am
seau was not mentioned in the lawsuit but there is speculation that his suicide may have been linked to injuries he suffered on the field. and jurors in roger clemens' perjury trial got a close look at a parade of physical evidence aimed at linking the all-star pitcher to performance enhancing drugs. used cotton balls, syringes, even a crumpled beer can were all displayed, all given to a federal agent by clemens' former trainer. clemens is accuse of lying to congress when he said he never used steroids or human growth hormone. here's your friday forecast. severe storms from new york to d.c. hail, gusty winds and tornadoes from omaha to cincinnati. stormy from central texas to southern oklahoma. rain and mountain snow in the northwest. >> a wet 55 in seattle. upper 60s in salt lake city. 94 in phoenix. dallas at 90. kc at 85. minneapolis, 73. 58 in boston. 78 here in new york. finally. >> i can't believe that.
3:10 am
78. >> let's go. finally. yes. >> it's my daughter's birthday. >> 6 years old. >> 6 years old. >> the little lady is growing up. it's a big weekend in ft. worth, texas, where it's may fest. in fact, it's the 40th anniversary of the festival. plenty of stuff to entertain. music and other attractions. >> i love the springtime fest. including this little fellow right here. what would tv news be without this kind of footage. the world's best water skiing squirrel. i mean, really. the world's best water skiing squirrel. where else would you spend your first weekend of may? >> i mean, he gets a little frisky, though, on the skis. he even jumps into the boat that's pulling him. so this guy can do it all. i like the water skiing squirrel. >> you do? really. that's good. that's good, sunny. >> i do. coming up -- the unforgettable sights and sounds of the week in our "friday rewind." >> and later, the comic book
3:11 am
action hero movie getting so much buzz out there. our take on "the avengers" coming up in insomniac theater. >> you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit...
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♪ yes, indeed. yes. it's friday. yes. welcome back, everybody. it's friday morning, as you can tell. and that means it's time for our look back at what we have shared over the past five days. >> yeah, we've shared a rather tawdry trial, lots of talk about tanning. there was plenty of that. >> yep. >> and, of course, politics. here's the "friday rewind." >> i said that i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him. and i did. >> this time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end. >> america should be proud of them that we did it every day. >> china/u.s. relations is very
3:16 am
important. we're going to make sure we do this in the appropriate way. >> $1.2 million went to hide the affair, we know from the testimony that most of that $1.2 million went into a lavish home, a pool worth $100,000, extravagant trips for the youngs. and it undermines the government's case. >> we think in some instances that head trauma could be related to depression and depression at times can be a cause of suicide. >> everybody in the world knows who was responsible for the -- of news corp. rupert murdoch. more than any individual alive, he is to blame. morally, the deeds are his. >> i never once in my life would let my daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth. >> people are using facebook to help locate their friends and family. so we figured, okay. could we do anything that would help people solve other types of issues like all of the people who need organ donations.
3:17 am
>> nearly 180,000 people who donated to the campaign -- i want you to know that without you, none of this would have been possible. thank you. i look ford work with you for a better future for america. >> if you're looking for the biggest threat to america right now, she's right there. her name is kim kardashian. right now, navy s.e.a.l. team 6 is outside the kardashian compound in beverly hills disguised as the denver nuggets so they could sneak in undetected. >> i thought jimmy was really good. >> he was good. coming up, spying on your spouse. >> planting cameras and microphones to dig up some dirt for divorce. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer:
3:18 am
3:19 am
did you ever have that feeling, rob, that somebody is watching you? more and more people are going through divorces, and they are watching their soon to be exes. >> it is big business, actually. and with all kinds of high-tech spyware you might usually associate with international espionage. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: the domestic spy shop, america's new divorce arsenal. technology, the latest path to the broken heart. >> and the camera is right here. >> reporter: cell phone tracking. gps. cameras and microphones small and cheap enough, often less than $300, for do-it-yourself snooping. >> spousal issues are, i'd say, about 25% to 30% of our business. >> reporter: small enough to be mounted on a key chain to capture this bar room rendezvous or on a motel room peep hole to wait for cheaters waiting for
3:20 am
the coast to be clear when clearly it's not. and easy enough to mount a mike in this boy's jeans. the boy's dad suing her for wiretapping after he found the concealed flash drive. >> the child becomes in effect a trojan horse. >> reporter: duke is in a vicious battle over his 7-year-old daughter whose mother rigged her teddy bear with a microphone and told her to carry it at all times. >> thully, they removed a few stitches, replaced the recording device inside of little bear's head. >> reporter: courts across the country dealing with this new and murky area of the law, duke's wife was fined $10,000 for violating wiretapping laws. and the tapes thrown out of court. but in 38 states, it's legal to secretly record in a public place while federal wiretapping laws protect the privacy of your cell phone conversation and your computer. still, sometimes judges allow it anyway. >> he's been working late, so -- >> that's leah wagner's voice. she lost custody of all five
3:21 am
children to a spouse who hid seven tape recorders picking up fights -- >> i put on some colorful little tantrums in response to his provoking me. i had no idea i was being set up. >> reporter: set-ups that whether they work or not, damage already frayed feelings and make modern divorce technologically treacherous. jim avila, abc news, omaha. >> my, my, my. depends on the state you live in whether you get away with it. >> depends on the state. some states are sort of one-party consent states. some are two-party consent states. if it's a one-party consent state then tape whatever you want and then use it. >> i don't like using the kids as pawns. that's a little bit much. >> that's ugly. >> cameras everywhere. big brother is watching.
3:22 am
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3:24 am
♪ time once again for
3:25 am
insomniac theater. the summer movie season officially opening this weekend. i'm so excited. i love the movies. i will tell you about a horror flick called "mother's day" in a moment. >> "mother's day" is not a rom/com feel-good movie. not this one at least. the much-anticipated release from disney "the avengers" here. this is a mega budget, you know, thrill ride here. basically it assembled this all-star cast of characters here in iron man, incredible hulk, thor, captain america, hawkeye and black widow. they all get together to save the world when an unexpected enemy emerges here. great action pic here. a big budget thriller they are hoping makes a killing at the box office. take a listen. >> i have an army. >> we have a hulk. >> oh, i thought the beast had wandered off. >> there is no throng. there is noing version of this where you come out on top. maybe your army comes. maybe it's too much for us but it's all on you.
3:26 am
if we can't protect the earth you can be sure we'll avenge it. >> there it is. apparently doing pretty well so far. rotten tomato gives it a 92% rating and the "washington times" had a cool line. they said the movie is assembled an unexpectedly great piece of pop entertainment and amazing astounding uncanny blockburster success. 92% on rotten tomatoes. a big hit for marvel studios. >> i'm also going to watch this. it's called "mother's day." apparently it stars jamie king, deborah ann wool, a couple people from the maker of "saw 2, 3 and 4." eye graphic remake of the horror classic "mother's day." it's apparently the story plot is after a bank robbery went wrong, three brothers go home to hide out in what they thought was their childhood home. their mother rebecca demornay lost their house in a foreclosure and they were in the middle of a housewarming party and things get a little ugly.
3:27 am
take a listen. >> are you a doctor or not? >> yeah. >> yeah? fantastic. let's go. >> we've got to get him to a hospital. >> that's not going to happen. >> he'll die if we don't. >> he does, he won't be the only one. fix it. >> beth, i need rubbing alcohol and plastic like a coffee lid or something. and a butane lighter and spatula. metal. now. >> it hasn't received great ratings. rotten tomatoes, 47%. favorability rating. so not terrific. but rebecca demornay they are saying is fantast nick it and creepy and sadistic. >> she i
3:28 am
3:29 am
this morning on "world news now" -- dangerous situation. that's how a blind chinese human rights activist describes his status as he awaits help from
3:30 am
the u.s. >> late developments on chen guangcheng and the diplomatic standoff involving two superpowers. it's friday, may 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> tgif to you. yes, indeed. i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. we'll bring you up to date on the situation in china in just a second. on top of that, we'll hear from the angry parents of a marching band major who was killed in the hazing incident that made headlines around the country. why they are still furious with prosecutors down in florida. also this morning, the evacuations and fear near orlando after a giant sinkhole opened up in a posh neighborhood. >> look at that thing. also later this half hour, a very questionable sponsorship as one of michael jackson's most memorable albums is getting ready to be re-released. we'll explain the controversy coming up in "the skinny."
3:31 am
but first a major development. it's a possible breakthrough in the story of chen guangcheng. the chinese government says he can apply to study abroad. >> that could pave the way for chen to come here to the u.s. the diplomatic drama is playing out during secretary of state hillary clinton's high-level visit to china. here's diana perez. >> reporter: prominent blind activist chen guangcheng went from smiling as he headed to a hospital after leaving the embassy after begging the u.s. to help him leave china. he made that clear when he called into a congressional hearing. pastor bob fu, founder of china aid association translated. >> he wants to come to the u.s. for some time of rest. he has not had any rest in the past ten years. >> reporter: chen told fu he no longer feels safe in his home country. >> i really fear my other family
3:32 am
members life and we have installed seven video cameras and even with electric fence. >> reporter: fu told congress members that chen had every reason to be worried. even his wife was being threatened. >> the interrogator told her that if her husband did not walk out of the u.s. embassy, they would kill her. >> reporter: even republican presidential candidate mitt romney is talking about chen's situation. while stumping in virginia, he called it nothing short of a debacle. >> if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom, and it's a day of shame for the obama administration. >> reporter: at this point there's little help the u.s. can offer chen. he's back in chinese hands, so the most diplomats can do is monitor his safety. diana perez, abc news, new york. newly released documents show osama bin laden was focused on the end of -- till the end on killing americans. his personal files also show the terror leader was worried about
3:33 am
al qaeda's reputation among muslims. bin laden's letters are just part of the huge pile of documents the u.s. military seized last year after killing bin laden and raiding the compound. family members of those who died on 9/11 will gather at military bases this weekend to watch the arraignment of the self-proclaimed mastermind of those terrorist attacks. khalid sheikh mohammed will be arraigned tomorrow along with four co-defendants at guantanamo bay, cuba. that's where they'll be tried in front of a military tribunal a trial date will also be set on saturday. more than half of the 13 people charged in the hazing death of a college drum major have turned themselves in. >> but robert champion's family is not satisfied with the charges, and now they are calling for the famed florida a&m marching band to be disbanded. abc's scott goldberg has more. good morning to you, scott. >> reporter: morning, rob and sunny. the people accused of killing robert champion jr. are looking at a maximum of six years in prison if they are convicted. and that's just not enough for his parents who also say the
3:34 am
florida a&m band shouldn't march again until the culture of hazing is wiped out. the day after a prosecutor decided not to charge their son's killer with murder or even manslaughter, the parents of robert champion jr. made it clear it was less than they wanted. >> i was not happy with it. of course that word hazing just don't fit. >> reporter: 11 people are accused of hazing, resulting in death. so far, seven have turned themselves in. when the orange county florida state attorney announced the charges, he said in this case murder just didn't fit. >> his death is not linked to one sole strike but is attributed to multiple blows. >> reporter: champion was a 26-year-old drum major at florida a&m university who died after he went through a rite of passage called crossing bus c. hollis went through the same ritual beating that night walking from one end of the band's tour bus to the other and he told espn's "outside the lines" champion did it
3:35 am
voluntarily. >> people that disrespect me, they're going to respect me because i did bus c. >> it was his choice? >> his choice. >> reporter: the band's high-profile leader julian white who has been suspended since then told espn he didn't know about the hazing. >> the bus c initiation, i heard about it after his death. >> reporter: the band itself hasn't played since then, and robert champion's parents say that quiet should linger. >> should not be on the field until they clean house. until they get it completely clean. >> reporter: the champions have already sued the bus company saying the driver that night let the beating happen, and yesterday they announced they are planning to sue the university as well. rob and sunny? >> thank you, scott. this thing is going to be wrapped up in court for a while. why do you think they didn't go after the more serious charge? >> it's always hard to tell. you don't know what a prosecutor has. having maybe perhaps interviewing the witnesses, not having enough.
3:36 am
but i keep on thinking, why not a manslaughter charge or some sort of homicide charge that involves a depraved indifference to life. the fact they'd continuously hit him until he died shows me that homicide would be possible, but perhaps there's something we don't know. >> that's what the parents were hoping for, obviously. they want not only the band to be disbanded but also full justice for the death of their son. hard to argue. in other news this morning, a giant sinkhole is now on the verge of swallowing up an entire house in central florida. it suddenly opened up in the windermere backyard. it's a 100-foot wide, 50 feet deep hole. look at that crater. the family had to scramble to remove their belongings after that hole devoured four trees. despite the frightening situation, they are find something humor in all of this. >> it would be nice to have a pool. such a pretty view back there, but i didn't want this. that's a little too deep. >> no one was hurt. inspectors say the family cannot go home because that structure is simply not safe.
3:37 am
>> it's remarkable. how did that happen? >> i don't get it. here's your friday forecast, everybody. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest and in the northern rockies. dangerous winds, hail storms and tornadoes threaten cincinnati and nashville. severe weather in the northeast. thunderstorms from atlanta to birmingham. >> 80s in new orleans and atlanta. 58 in boston. 70s in detroit, chicago and the twin cities. upper 80s from omaha to colorado springs. 71 in sacramento, and 57 in boise. a little cold in boise. some good news this morning for the tallest man in america. meet igor vovkovinskiy. all 7'8" of him. >> look at that. there's a problem, as you can imagine, with his pituitary gland. that's why he's so tall. he's been looking for a pair of shoes for 15 years that will not hurt his extremely large feet. >> and that's why reebok invited him into their headquarters to
3:38 am
be measured for a custom made pair. he's a size 25 which is too big for the company's machine. >> i think shaq is a 22. imagine that. so reebok is making the shoes by hand. after some fittings and adjustments, igor should have a comfortable pair in a few months. >> months? >> it takes months to build a shoe that big. >> 25. >> shouldn't have a problem finding a date, though. coming up -- who is behind the sudden surge of interest on the internet for maternity fashions? >> later, hot fashions for people packing heat. how to be chic while concealing that handgun. >> you're watching -- i'm watching -- "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times." [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system
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welcome back, everybody. time to check in and check out what's got everybody's attention online. >> getting ready for summer's unofficial opening weekend is up there. but we start with a somber headline. we're joined by yahoo! web life editor heather cabot. good morning, heather. >> good morning, guys. the shocking death of ex-nfl linebacker junior seau continues to ripple across the web. the san diego chargers, new england patriots and numerous hollywood celebrities took to twitter to express grief and condolences to his family after seau was found shot to death in his home. suicide which is fueling lots of speculation online about the connection to other recent suicides by several other nfl players. it's coming down to the wire
3:43 am
in reality tv land as "american idol" hones in on the final four. and yahoo! has some predictions based on searches about who may take the crown. so far, season 11 continues to loom large and ladies, especially moms between the ages of 35 and 45, are following the contest most closely. and as in other years, southern states are spending the most time looking up information about the show. perhaps this is why. almost every "idol" winner hails from the south. this year, though, hawaii is the state with the most look-ups for "idol," at least so far. as for the contestants, jessica sanchez from california and phillip phillips from georgia lead the pack on yahoo!. and we are heading into road trip season as people plan ahead for memorial day weekend. and yahoo! travel released its picks for the ten best all-american car trips. topping the list, the 127-mile alaskan seward highway from anchorage into the alaskan wild.
3:44 am
you can check out the whole list on!.com. in baby bump news, jessica simpson's new baby girl arrived this week. and yahoo! users wanted the scoop. queries are up more than 3100%. weighing in at 9 pounds, 11 ounces, baby maxwell drew johnson garnered a lot of lookups especially for her soon-to-be-released photo. perhaps there's a baby boom on the horizon or just that moms want to look as put together as the stars. searches for cute maternity clothes are big right now. lookups for maternity jeans, tops and dresses are all up this week. have a great welcome, guys. back to you. >> heather, thanks. in case you are wondering what's trending right now. kelly ripa says her husband will not be her co-host. they still have not named all these months later. regis left in november. still not a word on it yet. kelly says it will not be her husband. and there's this video out there getting a lot of buzz. kate upton on the swimsuit edition of "sports illustrated." she's in her bikini doing this dance caught on video.
3:45 am
fellas, if you get a minute, go google that like i did yesterday. it's interesting. all part of journalistic research so i could talk about it today. >> i see. >> check it out. childhood actors all grown up. and will you recognize them today? >> also, questionable sponsorship deal involving the late michael jackson. that's all coming next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back, everybody. "shape" magazine has done something that i think is really, really cool. they went back and found the fittest former child stars -- >> which is good because normally we see the folks that aren't fit. >> child stars don't have the best rep for how their life turns out post show. these ladies have done great. punky brewster. everybody remembers that show. cute little soleil moon frye. there she is now. she's 35 years old. she's a mommy now. she's running her own eco-friendly clothing line. she works as target's mommy ambassador. she's promoting a new book.
3:48 am
and she says she stays in shape with -- through exercise and stays fit through yoga. so she's doing well. looking great, too, as well. also winnie cooper from "the wonder years," what i can say is one of the best written shows ever in tv. kevin arnold and family. she's now 37 years old. also a mom. says she lost the 40 pounds she gained during pregnancy doing light cardio and yoga. also whole grains, fresh veggies, organic chicken. she, too, went to an ivy league school. studied math. she's a brainiac besides being very attractive. and my favorite, little rudy huxtable from "the cosby show" all grown up. little rudy -- >> she's cute. >> rudy grew up -- she looks good. rudy is on tyler perry's "house of pain" on tbs doing well. she says she stays fit by getting enough sleep, doing yoga, drinking plenty of water.
3:49 am
they all look great and growing up well. >> it's nice hear the good side of growing up in hollywood. >> yeah. next, michael jackson, this is sort of becoming a bit of a scandal. his estate joins with pepsi and people are saying perhaps it's a deal with the devil. his estate has just made this huge deal with pepsi. the company, if you remember, whose 1984 commercial arguably ruined his life when his hair caught on fire. sort of started him on the prescription drugs and -- >> cosmetic surgeries. >> they are re-releasing michael jackson's "bad." who can forget about that incredible, incredible album. they are re-releasing it and the estate says that pepsi is the right company to join forces with for a couple of reasons. michael himself worked with pepsi twice after the incident, and they are there to market the re-release of the "bad" album. and pepsi they feel is the most effective place to do it. >> michael was the biggest spokesman pepsi had. it's not pepsi's fault that the perm caught on fire and all that. you know what i'm saying?
3:50 am
>> it was pretty tragic that the hair catching on fire. >> but his music lives on. >> and the pyrotechnic mishap. >> yes, i agree. but you know it's going to sell a gazillion copies like it did the first time around. demi moore back in the news. finally she has a new handle on twitter. >> it's time. >> after the split with ashton kutcher. there she is with her soon to be ex-husband. the divorce is complete at least in the twitterverse. so look at her first tweet. she said so far finding a name, that was fun. somewhat playful and available. she tweeted this on thursday. for now it will be @justdemi. i think the other one was mrs. kutcher. >> i like just demi. she's fine just by herself. >> she's fine, period. i hope she's getting better, too. she had a rough spell but apparently is doing better. ashton is moving on. you moved on. do your thing, demi. >> i love this next story. it's friday. baby news. baby news. we talked about jessica simpson having a baby.
3:51 am
remember j.r. martinez who won "dancing with the stars"? incredible, incredible. he just -- he and his wonderful love diana gave birth to a baby. lauren annabelle martinez this evening in los angeles. and they are nicknaming her -- i'm sorry, last night. they are nicknaming her belle. she was 7 pounds, 13 ounces. 21 inches long. congratulations to that wonderful, wonderful couple. i think it's wonderful. >> he strikes me as like the world's nicest guy. this incredible back story. everyone loved him on the show last season. he won. and now a baby. life's good for j.r. >> he's going to be a wonderful father tell. >> good heart. good guy. congratulations. coming up next, looking hot while packing heat. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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♪ finally this half hour, it's our favorite story of the day. and it comes to us from tampa, florida, the city hosting the republican national convention in late august. >> of course, such a high-profile event demands very tight security. everything from high-tech surveillance to what's also known now as firearm fashion. allison morrow of wfts reports. >> reporter: this woman is seconds from firing her gun. but can you guess where she's hiding it? it's called the flash bang bra. the video shot by a firearms instructor counts just 1.5 seconds from start to trigger. >> they just want to fit in. >> reporter: tactical gear salesman craig says gun garments used to look like this. military-style vests with obvious pockets. you might as well wear a sign that says, hey, i'm wearing a gun, too.
3:56 am
but check out this new men's button down. >> pull the zipper down and you have access to an internal pocket. which gives you access to your weapon. >> reporter: popular supplier woolrich has noticed a trend firearm experts call an explosion. applications for concealed carry permits in florida alone doubled over the last six years and those permit holders don't want to stand out. so shirts come in tropical print, some with velcro releases. >> it gives you an advantage should something bad happen. >> reporter: especially if you never even have to show your gun at all. >> if she was walking from the mall to her car in an unlit parking lot and everything, there's no need to draw. with a resolver, you can shoot right through the purse if need be. in a defensive situation, things happen in nanoseconds, real quick. so the faster you can get at the firearm to protect yourself, the better. >> reporter: which is why the recently released flash bang bra sold thousands, along with another company's more male friendly version, thunderwear. >> that girl is definitely packing. she is. >> i'm just speechless. >> thunderwear.
3:57 am they are saying it's so good that some customers are so comfortable, they don't even know that they are packing because the thunderwear makes everything so comfy. i mean, so it is -- but here's interesting news related point. the governor of florida denied a request by the mayor of tampa to ban guns downtown during the convention. so people could be packing while the republicans are down there in a few weeks. >> it's just unbelievable. >> i'm going to get you. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
this morning, diplomatic standoff. >> new developments overnight. a possible resolution, as that blind chinese activist, in fear of his life, fights to visit the


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